Kid Corona is America’s Trivia Host. Find out fun and random things about Corona by playing a quick game of trivia. Take the quiz below.

Which One Of These Was The DUMBEST Dance Ever?
What Does "MST" Stand For In My Culture?
True or False: When Describing Guacamole, You Should NEVER Use The Word “Guac”
What 90s Hip-Hop Group Did I Appear on As Myself?
I like It When:
Which One of These Shows Do I Consistently Binge On?
Before Becoming a Trivia Host, What Did I Do For a Living?
What Is The Proper Way To Eat Your Street Tacos?
True or False: I’m Known As “The Whitest Mexican You’ll Ever Meet”
I Have a Fear of What?
What Should You NEVER Do on Cinco de Mayo?
In 2008, While On The Air in Los Angeles, I Made National News For What?
How Do I Eat My Pizza?


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1. Watching the Lakers win!
2. Making salsa so hot I sweat
3. Drowning my kettle chips in Tapatio sauce
4. Perfecting the art of making hash-browns
5. Bingeing on The Office, Happy Days, Three’s Company, Bonanza and The Andy Griffith Show
6. Drinking Whiskey and Tequila (but not at the same time. That would be insane!)
7. Complaining about Arizona summers that are too damn hot and wish I could be in San Diego instead.
8. Wondering why people put their disgusting feet on the car dashboard. Why?!
9. Wondering how I can create a device that will let dumb drivers know to move over because they are driving too slow!
10. Visiting with my family and spending quality time with them.
Enough about me. Tell me about you. I would love to know your top 10 list.

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