Today I want to take the time to thank all the people that have helped me along the way. No one ever makes it alone. Credit must always be given to those who opened doors, helped you when you were down, gave you the best advice, and kicked you in the ass when needed.

In no particular order, I would like to thank the following people: (in Oscar Award fashion, lol)


Can never forget mom, right? She has always believed in me a lot more than I believed in myself. From kicking my ass (literally) to helping me out financially when I needed it to giving me tough love, she has been an instrumental part of my success both personally and professionally. So mom, thank you and I love you.


Although at the time of this writing we have only been together less than 5 years, she has played a major role in keeping me grounded and focused. From teaching me about financial responsibility to helping me stay debt free, she has been a major contributor to my personal health and finances. Before I met her, I spent money as if I had a money tree in my back yard. I got into major debt and was very irresponsible. But, thanks to her, all that changed. So my wife, thank you and, I love you.


He’s my favorite uncle for good reason. Not only has he supported my dreams from day one, but he was the one who opened my first major door into radio. Because of my uncle, I was able to start my radio career at age 18, professionally. While most of my family thought I was crazy and should go to college instead, he pushed for me to follow my dreams of being a radio and TV host. He gave me good advice, took me on trips, was involved in my life, and also helped me out a few times. So, Tio Jimmy, thank you and I love you man.


Although we never got along, he was still a very big contributor to my success. Even when I pissed him off and he pissed me off, he still came through. When I needed the money, he was there. When we needed a life, he created it. So Butch, thank you and may you rest in peace.


No matter what was going in my life, my sister has always been there for me. Even when I threw her under the bus, she still protected me and helped me out when I needed without hesitation or question. When I needed a place to live, she gave it to me, several times. In my crazy career, I experienced a lot of moments of unemployment, but thanks to her, I never went broke. So, Denise, thank you and I love you.


My friend Dan from Sweden came into my life at the perfect time. While I was battling the storm, he was there through thick and thin. From awesome advice to just being a friend to me when in need, he never once made an excuse to not hang out, even when it wasn’t in his favor. The one piece of advice that was powerful to me and got me back on feet was this simple; Dude, make a decision and don’t look back. Wow, so simple, yet, so powerful. So Dan, thank you, my friend. I hope to hang out with you again some day.


Man, how can I ever thank them? They were literally my second parents. They always believed in me, they advised me, they shielded me from a life of shit, and they protected me in every way possible without ever handcuffing me. No matter what situation I was in, my home was always with them. I miss them so much, but I’m grateful that I got to spend so many years with them. How many grandchildren can say their grandparents were still alive at 41? In my opinion, that was some amazing time invested. Granny and Grampie, thank you for all your love and kindness. I miss you forever and love you so much!


My best friend of 20 years and counting. We supported each other through thick and thin. He’s always given me great advice and always gave me a nice swift kick in the ass when I was out of line and making stupid, ridiculous decisions. He’s stood by me as I have for him through the good and the ugly. So, R Dub! Thank you homie! You’re the best friend a man can have.


Manic gave me my first radio opportunity. I came in green as hell and he immediately saw the potential in me. As a first timer on the radio, he brought me in full time (which was a rare thing in radio) and had me take over the night show at La Caliente Hot 98fm in Tucson. It was that decision that propelled my career. So, Manic, thank you for believing in me and giving me one of the best experiences of my life.


One of the most down to earth and honest person I got to meet. Back in 1996, he had promised me a shot to be on his album for helping him promote his song “Lost in Love”, and true to his word, he did exactly that. Because of Magic, my career in radio exploded! Tons of opportunity came my way and it became a huge part of my life. So, Magic, thank you for being a friend and staying true to your word. 


Here is another one of those rare and genuine people. From the day I met Jesse, he immediately believed in me and my talent. From the start, not only did we form a business relationship, but we also started a great friendship. Since that time, he has supported me and trusted me to represent his brand, something that’s not to be taken lightly. So, Jesse, thank you buddy. I appreciate all you have done and the confidence you have in me.


The following people all played a role in my life which took me in a positive direction. From bringing me into their homes when I needed it and teaching me family values and respect to keeping me positive and uplifted. These family members all had a significant role in their own way. If it wasn’t for any of them, I’m not sure how I would have turned out. But they certainly deserve a special thanks and recognition. With all my love, thank you:

Tia Rosamaria & Mario

Dick and Terry

Mark & Tammy

Beto and Janis

Cousin Mario, Lisa, and Diane

Cousin Claudia, Alex, and Cristi

Tia Marta & Javier

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