One of my favorite parts about hosting live trivia is the awesome, yet funny team names that I come across. Trivia players are certainly some of the most creative when it comes this. Today, I’m throwing down 7 kick ass trivia names that you can take advantage of. 

7. Menace to Sobriety – The only people who would catch on to this title are those that have seen the movie; Menace to Society. Definitely, one of my favorite 90s movies and why I included it on this list. I came across this trivia name at Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers in Paradise Valley, AZ. The team who chose the name were 4 older couples who I would never imagine watching such a movie. But, to my surprise, they were fans. What up O’l Dawg!

6. Whiskeypedia – Yeah baby! Being that I’m a whiskey lover (after tequila of course) when I saw this name, I had to give this team a high five and a round of whiskey. What can I say, they saw my weakness coming a mile away! Shouts out to these dedicated players at Majerle’s Sports Bar & Grill. 

5. The Quizzard of OZ – Now, you know damn well you have to appreciate this name. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love The Wizard of OZ? Enough said!


4. Better Late Than Pregnant – Um, yes! Always! lol. I’ve heard this one at least 3 times now over the last year. Still doesn’t get old. Shouts out to the team at Lookout Tavern, its where I first heard it.


3. Show Me Your Kitties! – Yes! I absolutely loved this one. When I first read it though, the person who wrote it did not have good handwriting and I accidentally read this out loud as the other thing. You know what I mean. Immediately after, this girl gets up and shows me her shirt that says “Show Me Your Kitties”. I laughed so hard, and so did everyone else at The Casual Pint. Good times!


2. The Big Fact Hunt – Lmmao (Laughing My Mexican Ass Off) in case you wondered what that meant. Anyway, this name cracked me up to the point that a teared up! Hilarious! Sometimes these trivia players love living on the edge. Well played guys, well played.


1. Sofa King Awesome – Holy guacamole! I can’t believe I fell for this one the first time I read it. I could not understand why people were laughing. Then, someone shouted to me “read it faster!” And I totally lost it. I was like “you guys are good!” I rarely fall for stupid things like this. But that day, I fell for it. I hate to admit it, but I thought they were a furniture store at first. Awesome!

I hope I entertained your brain with my 7 kick ass trivia names. I’m sure there are many more out there. So, with that said, comment below with funny trivia names you either know or have used before. In the meantime, let’s find a location near you where you can join me for some fun and exciting trivia. Amigo, I will see you soon.

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