Today, I came across what I thought was a joke, that turned out to be real. The U.S. is sprinkled with small places that have insanely dumb, yet hilarious town names. Are you ready?! Here we go.

5. Let’s start with our home State of “WHY, ARIZONA”. Not sure if that’s a statement or a question. Why would we name our selves in such a confusing way? It almost sounds negative, right? Like, Why, Arizona? Doesn’t sound appealing. The name was “Y” because of the crossings of Interstate 85 and 86 forming a “Y”. And, AZ law requires that a city name have at least three letters. Not sure if this was clever, or plain dumb. You be the judge.

What you see is what there is in Why.

4. What do Illinois and Deli Meat have in common? Sandwich, Illinois, that’s what. I’m here to tell that this is a real town. In fact, I have to admit, I have relatives who live there. I visited for the first time in 2016. Cool little place. If it wasn’t so far from civilization, I would consider living there. 


3. Do you want every day to feel like Christmas? Well, start packing up and head on down to Santa Claus, Indiana. The place was named Santa Fe. But somewhere along the line, they had to change the name to secure a post office. So, the local peeps came up with the alternative now known as Santa Claus, Indiana. I bet this place gets more mail/e-mail than the North Pole.

Santa Claus, Indiana

2. If you thought “WHY, AZ” was a silly name, think again. Ready? Say hello to “NO NAME, COLORADO”. Wow, can these people get any more clever? How do they do it!? They must have the worlds biggest Think Tank. Not sure the reason for this. What I did find out is that after the construction of Interstate 70, some exits were left unmarked. When the Department of Transportation came to check it out, they wrote “No Name” on the exit signs. The people loved it so much, they decided to keep it as is. There must be something in their drinking water.


1. Ah! And now for the funniest name “GAS, KANSAS”. You read that right. The town has less than 1,000 people. I guess, if you drove through, you can tell someone you “passed gas”! I couldn’t resist. Here’s the deal, though. The reason they came up with the name is not that it’s a gassy place. Wait, actually, it is. The name is a result of the discovery of natural gas back in the late 1800s. Now, the people living there can say “we have gas!” I promise that was the last one….that’s what they said! lol. Ok, I’m out!

Well, there you go. 5 Insanely Dumb, Yet Hilarious Town Names. Do you know of any more towns with silly names? Have you visited any of these towns before? Please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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