Which Horror Character Scared the Hell Out of You?

For me, it was Freddy Kreuger and for my daughter, it was Miley Cyrus, lol. We all had a horror character that scared the hell out of us. I still have trouble sitting in a bathtub. I keep thinking Freddy’s knives will come up and take me under. Which Horror Character Scared the Hell Out READ MORE


As funny as this picture is, it happens more often than not. In fact, it happened to my friend who came from another Country but had already been in the US 10 years. One day, he asked me for toothpaste and I told him it was in the medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, so was my itch READ MORE


I have more faith in your humor than I do in mine. I’m definitely not the funny guy. So, use your creative humor and caption this picture, my friend. This is the bull on Wall Street. Thanks in advance for taking time to comment. READ MORE


Everyone has a movie or tv show that they have watched at least a hundred times and could watch it another hundred times without getting sick of it. For me, it’s Back to The Future. I’ve watched it well over 400 times in the last 20 years. At one point, I was keeping count and READ MORE

Play Free Bingo | This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Bingo

COME PLAY FREE BINGO WITH ME! In all honesty, I’ve never played bingo. I’ve always associated it with old people. But now that I discovered Jack Bingo, my entire perception has changed! After playing and hosting bingo for the first time, I noticed one big difference; there was a lot of young people playing. And, READ MORE

4 Things You Did Not Know About Radio

Since I’m always being asked about the behind the scenes of radio, I thought I would share with you 4 Things You Did Not Know About Radio. Enjoy. We Don’t Play Your Requests…Ever! Well, maybe not ever, but certainly most of the time. See, radio stations have a pre-programmed list. It’s always been this way, at READ MORE

Best Street Tacos in Phoenix

Best Street Tacos in Phoenix Wadaa Tacos There is no better place for tacos than Wadaa Street Tacos in Phoenix. Finding authentic tacos with the succulent taste you can only get out of Sonora has been a challenge. Your taste buds are in luck; thanks to Miguel and his flourishing taco spot in North Phoenix. READ MORE