Ready for an epic adventure through my star-studded past?

Step into my time machine and join me on an adventure that’ll take you back to the good old days of radio! I’m not showing off who I know – as only a Richard would do such a thing 😉 But don’t worry, there’s still plenty o’ juicy gossip at the end. Grab some popcorn and let’s get this celebrity flashback party started right!

Enrique Iglesias is a true gentleman! Not only was he respectful of my time, but his word was nothing short of gold. We had some great conversations about movies – especially one particular gem: Weird Science! He’s also got excellent taste in leading ladies as we both agreed that Kelly Lebrock totally brought the mamacita heat!
At the 2009 Film Festival in Palm Springs, Ca., Mark Wahlberg made every fan feel like a VIP. While other stars hovered around the private restrooms, he happily wowed his admirers with selfies and handshakes – perfect proof that no matter how big of a star you become, there’s still time to hang out with your fans!
2001 was a special year. I got to hang out with Destiny’s Child while they performed their magic in Tucson. Little did I know the real show had only just begun! Queen B graciously invited me backstage for an interview, where her and her dancers gave my cheeks so much more than a peck – sincere love and hospitality like no other! The memory will stay with me forever…talk about celeb treatment done right

Tommy Lee made the ultimate surprise visit to my radio show in Palm Springs. He drove out of nowhere and said he’d been listening to me on air – talk about a wild ride! His simple words, “your show is great!“, were music to my ears. That overwhelming compliment will stay with me forever.

Paul Rodriguez – Who knew that after laughing at his iconic performance in “Born in East LA” I’d one day call him my friend? Paul’s always sure to bring the energy and fun wherever he goes, while inspiring countless Latinos with his creativity. He is truly a comedic force of nature!

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