Celebrity Flashback

My celebrity flashback page is a journey into my killer days in radio. This is not, by any means, showing off who I know, met or interviewed. Only a Richard would do such a thing. And, as I always say: Don’t be a Richard! I hope you enjoy my silly little stories as I take you back to a time when radio kicked ass and I had a blast! Scroll to the end for all the dirt.

Enrique Iglesias – A down to earth kind of guy. Respectful of your time and the kind of person who sticks to his word. I enjoyed many conversations with Enrique, especially when it came to movies. Turns out, we are both fans of the movie Weird Science. And, we both agree, Kelly Lebrock was a mamacita!
Mark Wahlberg – I met him at the 2009 Film Festival in Palm Springs, Ca. No matter who he met that night, he was super friendly and ready to take a pic with every fan. Interesting fact: While most celebs were using the VIP restroom, Mark was down with the public side of life. If that is not genuine, I don’t know what is.
Beyonce – What can I say? She’s a sweetheart. It was 2001, and Destiny’s Child was performing in Tucson. I asked if I could go back for a quick interview, and without hesitation, I was invited in. They treated me well, and each one gave me a kiss on the cheek before I left. I could not ask for anything more. I mean, I could, but I didn’t.

Tommy Lee – Tommy was driving through Palm Springs and he happened to catch my radio show. As a result, he decided to swing by and introduce himself. I will never forget what he said when he came into the studio: “hey, I was listening to you on the radio, and your show is great!” To me, that was the compliment of the century, and, the most shocking and random visit I ever received.

Paul Rodriguez – I first saw Paul in a movie called “Born in East LA”, in what I consider one of the funniest scenes, ever. I never thought that years later we would actually become friends. Paul is a crazy, yet hilarious and talented individual. And, I love the fact that he’s opened the door for many Latino comedians.

More stories coming soon. If you enjoyed my celebrity flashback page, please, comment below and let me know. 

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