"Where's The Trivia Guy?" Everyone Asked

AZ Taco Fest was abuzz with the news of a trivia showdown! Attendees were clamoring for their chance to flex their knowledge and make some cash. The only question on everyone’s lips- “Where’s the trivia guy?”

If you’re looking for a sure-fire crowd pleaser, look no further than pop up trivia! It’s always a hit when it comes to surprising people with the chance of winning cash. Few activities can guarantee an audience won’t be bored.

Pop Up Trivia On Stage

Kid Corona is mixing up the festival experience with a dose of pop culture trivia! Even between sets, he knows how to keep everyone entertained. Selecting random contestants from the crowd and testing their knowledge is a win! Talk about making sure there’s never a dull moment at your event!

Pre Promotion Leading Up To Your Event

For 2 weeks, we gave away tickets to the AZ taco festival with pop up trivia. We took over bars and streets in an unexpected way that people loved! Your festival will get the same treatment.

Who Is Kid Corona?

In short, he is America’s Trivia Host. Get to know the trivia master behind America’s hottest game show! Watch the video and get an inside look. Full Bio

Media Buzz

The hosts of AZ TV take the Facematch Challenge. How will they score on this trivia showdown? You’ll have to watch and see. 

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