Take on the Friends Ultimate Trivia Game Challenge. Are You Ready?

Ready or not, there’s no escaping it: Friends ultimate trivia has arrived! Put your knowledge of all things Friends to the test! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping in for some fun, this trivia game will bring back memories and guarantee loads of laughs. So why not give it a shot? 

Take a break and join the fun – may the luckiest fan win!

Where did filming of the show take place?
What was Emma's first word?
When did the Friends pilot debut?
What color was Rachel's dress that she wore to her high school prom?
What was Jennifer Aniston's hair style nicknamed and copied around the world?
Before Lisa Kudrow was on Friends, which one of these shows did she appear on?
Where was Rachel supposed to go on her honeymoon with Barry?
Who is Godmother to Courtney Cox's daughter Coco?
What is the correct spelling of Phoebe's last name?
How many episodes of Friends were directed by David Schwimmer?
Which network carried the show?
What is the correct spelling of Joey's last name?
When did the series finale first air on NBC in the United States?
How much revenue does Friends generate each year as a result of Syndication?
How many years younger than Ross is Monica?
True or False - The cast negotiated their contracts as a team
Ursula, Phoebe's twin sister, originally appeared on what sitcom?
Which one of these people is NOT one of the creators?
When Ross finds out his Ex-wife Emily is getting married, what food does he smash?
Which season had the episode title "The One After the Superbowl"?
On what date does Phoebe claim she will die?
How many viewers did the series finale receive?
Who was the first Friend to be casted?
Originally, who was offered the part of Rachel Green?
When first pitched, what was the original title of Friends?
What was the name of Joey's Recliner?

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