10 Knight Rider trivia questions To Test Your Knowledge

Blazing back from the 80s, it’s time to rev up your engines and join Michael Knight for a wild ride down memory lane! KITT is in full gear as we bring you one of the coolest trivia games featuring everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo. So don your aviators and buckle up – let’s go turbo this nostalgia trip! And if that wasn’t enough, all episodes are available on Netflix – so no excuses to not have some fun with us today. Let’s fire those thrusters away and get going already!

Ready? Set? Go! Good luck on today’s Knight Rider trivia game.

True or False - William Daniels was the voice of KITT
What was Michael’s original last name?
True or False - David Hasselhoff Met William Daniels for the first time ever in 2021
In what year was Knight Rider first syndicated?
What other TV character was William Daniels most known for?
Which one of these was not a sequel?
Which Gilligan's Island star appeared on Knight Rider?
What was the brand of Michael Knight’s wrist watch?
Finish this line: Don't Hassel________
What does K.I.T.T stand for?

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