Knight Rider was one of America’s greatest shows of the 80s. And, today, we bring you one of the coolest Knight Rider trivia games. Get the turbo boost ready and go back in time with KITT and Michael Knight.
By the way, (as of Feb 2022) you can watch complete series on Netflix. Ok, jump in and play. Good luck.
What was the brand of Michael Knight’s wrist watch?
In what year was Knight Rider first syndicated?
What was Michael’s original last name?
What other TV character was William Daniels most known for?
What does K.I.T.T stand for?
Which one of these was not a sequel?
True or False - David Hasselhoff Met William Daniels for the first time ever in 2021
Finish this line: Don't Hassel________
True or False - William Daniels was the voice of KITT
Which Gilligan's Island star appeared on Knight Rider?

Own a Pice of TV History With These Awesome Knight Rider Gift Ideas

  1. You are not a true fan until you own the complete series on Blue-Ray. 
  2. Wear it LOUD and PROUD! Knight Rider Officially Licensed Mens T-Shirt (White). 3XL,4XL,5XL
  3. I love my KITT. Complete with lights and sound. Yes, He talks and the red light moves back and forth. A must have! See my vehicle pic below.
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