Top Gun: The Greatest Trivia Game of All Time

Top Gun Trivia – Did You Know….

Tom Cruise was originally offered the role of Maverick in Top Gun before he auditioned for a Few Good Men.
Val Kilmer originally auditioned for the role of Maverick.
And finally, did you know that Iceman was supposed to be a female character?
These are just a few of the interesting facts you might not have known about Top Gun. Now that you are armed with a few fun facts, are you ready to play Top Gun Trivia? Jump in and enter to win
What date was “Top Gun 2: Maverick” released?
Who played Merlin in the original “Top Gun”?
Who was the first person to win the Top Gun trophy?
What was the name of the ship which was being rescued in the last mission?
On which day did Maverick visit Viper at his house to discuss his options?
What color is Merlin’s helmet?
Over What body of water does the opening scene take place?
Which studio produced “Top Gun”?
In what month does Goose die?
After the flyby reprimand at Top Gun, what profession was Goose considering?
True or False - Kid Corona should have been casted in Top Gun
What is the call sign of the cool pilot who wins the Top Gun trophy in the movie?

Top Gun is full of action and adventure. And, if you are lucky enough to see it in theaters, you’ll get to see Tom Cruise’s cameo introduction. It made for such a great experience and a delightful surprise.

Did You Also Know…

In a recent study, it was found that people who scored well on trivia games tended to have a higher IQ.

I’m not sure this applies to movie trivia. So, how did you do? Are you ready to come out and play a live game of trivia with me? Find a location near you and I will see you there

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