Unbelievable Batman Facts; Inspired By Kid Corona's Love Of The Superhero

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time and Kid Corona’s favorite. He’s been around for decades and he still has legions of devoted fans. But even the biggest Batman fanatics may not know some of the craziest facts about the beloved hero. Here are 10 insane Batman facts that will blow your mind.


Ready To Dive In?

1. Batman was created after a bat flew into creator Bob Kane’s window, inspiring him to make a superhero based on a bat. Since then, bats have been an integral part of the Batman universe. They symbolize his power and strength in overcoming fear.
2. A real-life acrobat named RichardDickGrayson, inspired the original Robin. He performed with Ringling Bros Circus in 1940s Gotham City!
3. The 1966 Adam West series featured 22 different Batmobiles. Each one had its own unique design and features!
4. In 2005, Christian Bale became the first actor to portray both Bruce Wayne and Batman in live action on film!
5. The 1989 movie featured an actual Batmobile constructed from three Ford cars! It cost over $250k and had two 600 horsepower engines capable of reaching speeds up to 150 mph! According to Kid Corona, one day soon, he will own a replica of this Batmobile.

6 More Batman Facts With Kid Corona

6. The original costume worn by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman movie sold at auction for $41k in 2013!


7. Since childhood, Kid Corona has been dreaming of owning the iconic 1989 Batmobile. It all began with a single photo taken in 1992!

8. Every single episode of the 1960s series filmed in 3 days!
9. Kid Corona transformed his editing studio into the ultimate superhero workspace. Included are: Secret schemarics and a custom Batman chair. He gives new meaning to fighting crime from behind a computer screen!

10. Kid Corona’s Trivia Creativity is powered each day by the Batman cowl. It hangs prominently as a spark for inspiration!

Bonus Fact

The debate about the greatest Batman, settledMichael Keaton has won! While others have tried, there’s no topping his original portrayal of spandex-clad justice. And this makes Kid Corona a very happy Super fan!

No matter how big a fan you are – if you think you know everything there is to know about Batman – think again! With these insane Batman facts, we can truly appreciate his legacy. Batman is one of pop culture’s most enduring superheroes ever created.
Did you learn anything new from today’s Batman Facts? If you did, our job here is done. Happy Bat-learning, my friend!!
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