El Siner in Phoenix is the answer! Take a journey for your taste buds. Find delicious authentic Sonoran-style street tacos at El Siner Tacos & More. Satisfy your taco cravings at their flourishing restaurant located in North Phoenix. Finding delicious tacos near you will no longer be a challenge. Head over for some taco bliss with every visit!.


After finding myself in a Burrito-less void, I stumbled upon El Siner last year. It was like it was an oasis of deliciousness! Every time I visit for some Mexican treats, my taste buds are beyond satisfied. Take it from me, they have the BEST tacos in Phoenix

Let's Taco Bout It

Step into El Siner and smell the mouth-watering aroma of carne asada. Feast your eyes on a silver cart overflowing with real, authentic Mexican ingredients! Take in crunchy cabbage (not lettuce like some Americans might assume!), chopped up onions, tomatoes and cilantro to top it all off. Spice things up even more by adding grilled jalapenos for an extra heat kick. Then, squeeze tart limes over everything before pouring on hot or mild salsa – Chingon!

Authenticity Equals Best Tacos

As a native of Guaymas, Sonora – I know what the true taste of Sonoran tacos is like, and these come pretty darn close! If you’re looking for something to please your stomach, don’t waste another second! Grab your wallet (or purse) and rush down to El Siner!


Forget the rest and take a drive to North Phoenix for some delectable eats! Visit Real Mexican Food at El Siner’s, where they dish up delicious street tacos. All you gotta do is get yourself to 2510 W Thunderbird Rd– easy peasy. Make sure to double check their hours of operation before making your trip (as of now it looks like 10am -9pm).
If that wasn’t enough incentive already…how about playing Taco Trivia!? I have a feeling you will love it. And for more fun trivia, find a location near you where we can meet up for a night of pure entertainment.

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