Best Street Tacos in Phoenix

Wadaa Tacos
There is no better place for tacos than Wadaa Street Tacos in Phoenix. Finding authentic tacos with the succulent taste you can only get out of Sonora has been a challenge. Your taste buds are in luck; thanks to Miguel and his flourishing taco spot in North Phoenix.


I met Miguel back in 2012, when he fired up his grill in a small corner on the side of a bar in Scottsdale. Since then, Wadaa Street Tacos has gone from a one-man operation to a full fledge sit down restaurant.


When you walk into Wadaa, you immediately smell the amazing aroma of pollo and carne asada. As you look to your left, you notice a silver cart full of the proper ingredients that real Mexican tacos are made with. First, you have the cabbage. Cabbage is one of the main ingredients every real taco should have, not lettuce, as many people think. Second, you have the chopped-up onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Next, you have the grilled jalapenos soaking in sauce, a mouthwatering addition to your taco. And, finally, you have your limes along with hot and mild salsa to top off your taco.


Damn, I’m getting hungry writing this blog. Being from Sonora, I can tell you first hand that Wadaa Street Tacos are the closest I’ve come to Sonoran styled tacos. If you are looking for a mouthwatering tasty dish that will hook you in for more, then think Wadaa Street Tacos. You won’t want to go anywhere else; I guarantee it.

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