Crocs: Hate Them Or Love Them?

My friend, I do NOT hide the fact that I detest crocs. They are ugly, ridiculous shoes. But, a lot of people love them. And, who am I to judge you (which I do) for your foot wear? 

Crocs: Hate them or love them? Which side are you on? Why?

Crocs: Hate Them Or Love Them?

My best friend and I started a country called Slowjamastan. In Slowjamastan we have very strict laws. One of those laws (and our top law) is no crocs allowed. Anyone who wears crocs to our nation will be instantly arrested, slapped with a dirty croc and made to watch reruns of the Kardashians. 

That right there should tell you how much we dislike this weird piece of footwear. 

What Side Of The Croc Are You On? Why?

I gots to know! So, leave a comment and lets discuss.

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  1. Ambassador Mark says:

    The next public health emergency awaits!

    Crox Pox

    Help us research the cure.

    Take a bite out of Crox!

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