Dirk Cunningham

From drilling drills to hammering hammers, he’s your go-to guy in Slowjamastan! With a knack for delivering the good news, people rely on his weather & security expertise.
It’s no wonder why he has become an icon of reliability. His sign off slogan is well known all across The Republic – ‘God bless The Republic of Slowjamastan’.
See what everyone’s been raving about. Check out why Dirk Cunningham deserves the title as number one breaking news anchor!
Dirk Cunningham SlowJamastan

Breaking News With Dirk Cunningham

This is your big chance to watch Dirk Cunningham in action! Some people think he looks like Chief Border Agent, Mark Corona. We don’t see the resemblance. In the meantime, find out why the people of Slowjamastan love this breaking news anchor. Enjoy. 

Did you know our mascot is a raccoon named Slowjamastanley? Find more about this crazy little rascal. Until then……God bless The Republic of Slowjamastan

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