4 Music Trivia Questions You Will Love To Use

Pop music is a part of everyone’s life, and it’s something that we all have an opinion on. Whether you’re a fan of rock, rap, or country, there is always more to learn about the music we love. So why not put your knowledge to the test with these fun music trivia questions? Let’s see how much you know.

Music Trivia Questions With Kid Corona

Remember MTV - Music Television?

What was the first song ever played on MTV when it launched in 1981? The answer is Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles. In fact, Kid Corona wrote a blog based on the subject. In any event, it released in 1979. It meant to be a commentary on how technology was replacing traditional radio.

Music Trivia Questions

Which musician wrote the song “Yesterday”? This one is easy – Paul McCartney in 1965 for the Beatles album Help! It has since become one of the most recorded songs of all time, with over 2,200 cover versions.

Hall Of Fame

Who were the first two artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when it opened in 1986? The answer is Chuck Berry and James Brown. They were both chosen as charter members due to their profound influence on the genre of rock and roll.

Arizona DJ Rises To Fame
Music Trivia Questions

If you live in AZ, there’s a good chance you already know the answer to this music question. Which Tucson radio DJ rose to fame in the 90’s? The answer is our very own Kid Corona. He got featured as himself on the song “AZ Side” by Nasty Boy Klick. Take a listen.

How did you do? If you got at least two out of three right, then congratulations! Music trivia questions can be tricky. But, they can also be fun once you get into it. Why not challenge your friends or family next time you get together? It’s a fun way to test their music knowledge. Besides, you never know what interesting facts you might learn along the way!
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