Stop Dwelling On The Past and Worrying About The Future. You Must Remain Present-Minded

Looking ahead to the future can be exciting, but overthinking it can become a dangerous habit. The truth is that your tomorrow depends on how you’re living today. Anything and everything you do now will come together to create what’s next!

Dwelling on the Past

Let’s face it, we can all get lost in our pasts and worry about the future. But if you want to be successful today–and tomorrow!–you must remain present-minded. Stay focused on what is happening right now! I should know; after achieving fame back in the 90s & 2000s, I hit a wall when my rise ended abruptly. Instead of embracing new opportunities, I stayed stuck dwelling on how things used to be! 

Reflecting on the past so much, affected my present and future more than I realized. I used to bore people with stories about my past and famous friends. But, I quickly got a reality check from an unknown person who called me out on being stuck in the past. My cheeks burned red as I realized all those conversations had been nothing more than attempts at reliving former glories. Not exactly conducive for making strong connections! 

But now? When something from my past resurfaces again – no longer do I let myself get lost there. Instead, I use memories as tools for growth, only ever looking forward into life here and now! So remember: don’t let nostalgia or fear keep you from living your best life TODAY!

The Future Is An Illusion

Whether it’s a career move or an adventurous dream, we all want the best for our future! While having hopes and aspirations can be motivating, living in anticipation of what could happen down the line can make us neglect reality. Afterall; if you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself!

We all worry about future outcomes that could include job loss, health scare, or break ups. Although there is no guarantee, it’s what we do today that will make those outcomes fall more in our favor. Work efficiently, eat healthier and nurse your relationships today for a better tomorrow. 

Living In The Present Is Absolute Best

Every step of the way shapes your future. Invest in yourself now and you’ll be building on a strong foundation for years to come. Right now is make-or-break time; will it be Netflix & Chill or writing that report? Eating fast food or cooking healthy at home? Popping pills or lifting weights? Your choice determines what lies ahead, so choose wisely!


To make the most of our lives, it’s important to leave the past where it belongs – in history! When we linger too long on what once was, there is a real risk that life will pass us by. But if we focus intently on today and let go of yesterday; then who knows how far we can reach into tomorrow? So here’s to an extraordinary 2023 full of hope and growth!


  1. Laurie Yack says:

    Great article and living in the past probably happens to more people than you would think. Life is a gift. Live in the present.

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