You Need A Taco Education Right Now, And Mark Corona Has Your Back!

Taco Education

It crushes my soul when I watch Americans eat Mexican street tacos. I have a question for you; why in the world do you put cheese on your street taco?! Why!? Who taught you that?

Here’s the lesson, my American amigo: Mexican Street Tacos do NOT take cheese. In fact, Mexico doesn’t even have it as an option. 

I know what’s happening. See, hard shelled tacos do take cheese. I believe that because of this tradition, Americans think it’s the same for street tacos. I think that’s where the wires got crossed. But, street tacos and hard shelled tacos are completely different. For one, the hard shell is ground beef while the street is carne asada. 

You no longer have to look like an amateur. As of now, you are fully equipped with the knowledge on how to eat AND order street tacos. 

Final Thought On Taco Education

Cabbage (not lettuce) is what goes in a street taco. Enjoy your new found knowledge and taco on, my friend!

PS – Be a taco superhero and share this blog with a friend who needs a good taco education. Corona will appreciate ya.

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