Is Your Trivia Night A Fail? Learn How To Make It Successful!

Every bar owner knows that trivia night can be a great way to bring in customers and boost profits. But often, they think they can sit back and let trivia take off on its own.
Promoting the excitement of trivia isn’t always as simple as flicking a switch! Without both parties working together to spread the word, it’ll get lost in an ocean of jukebox songs. It’s time for an upgrade! Here are some tips on how to make trivia as successful as possible.
Trivia Nights

Stop Promoting On Social Media!

You read correct. Enough with the endless selfies and promotions, it’s time to add a bit of fun into your online presence! Don’t shout, engage with your followers. Post brain-teasers that get people thinking and interacting. Once they engage, swoop in with a trivia invitation. What better way to get people who are already interested to show up.

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A Simple Trick To Promote Trivia Night

Spicing up your restaurant tables with the typical salt and pepper isn’t enough. For an engaging touch, why not add promotional table posters? It’s the simplest way to showcase bar trivia and catch customers’ attention! Ask questions that incite curiosity. Make them want to grab those lively-looking posters right away! It’s a constant reminder about your amazing bar trivia night. Get that poster going asap.
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Use Your TV Monitors!

Take your flyer marketing up a notch! Smart TVs everywhere offer an incredible opportunity to get in front of customers. All it takes is a simple USB stick to turn them into an advertising powerhouse. Turn those blank screens into powerful sales tools. Start giving viewers something fun (and stylish) to look at when they come through the door.
Hey, if I can turn my toolshed into a powerful TV studio, you can turn your monitors into powerful ad tools.  
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Theme Trivia

Are you stuck on the same-old, same-old when it comes to trivia nights? Shake things up and give your game night a makeover with our awesome themed options! Each week can be something new. From science fiction themes to movie madness–we’ve got all sorts of exciting games. Well produced theme nights guarantee to get people excited. Get ready for an evening that’s out of this world!

Go To The Bathroom!

Your bathroom can be a powerful tool for promotion! Transform an old poster technique into a modern masterpiece. Make sure you don’t miss out on this easy, yet effective way of marketing trivia for your sports bar.


If you want your trivia night to go from zero to hero in no time at all, then follow these simple tips! Need help? Contact me asap. Together, we can make your trivia nights amazing!

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