How to Make Your Next TV Segment A Blast With Kid Corona

Keeping your viewers engaged is crucial. Interviewing interesting people like celebrities is often a go-to. However, that’s also often what your competitor is doing, too. So, what can you do to set yourself apart from other shows? Consider turning your TV segment into a trivia showdown. Thanks to game shows like Jeapodary, trivia is even more popular than ever. And did you know trivia games can cause a release of dopamine when we get the answer right?
How can you incorporate trivia into your segment?

Trivia Showdown

Adding hosted trivia questions is a fun way to mix up the conversation. Not just any trivia questions, though–super engaging ones. Imagine for a second: a round of Celebrity Facematch with you and your co-hosts. How do you think you would score? 

Watch The TV Segment And See How The AZ TV Hosts Did.

This is a great way to engage your audience as they try to figure it out as well. Your viewers will yell at their TV screens, hoping they’re right–and getting their own dose of dopamine!
You can use Jack Trivia to easily add trivia to your segment and set yourself apart from other shows.

TV Interview With Kid Corona

For an even more unique segment, add Kid Corona live during your morning show interviews. Who is Kid Corona? In short, he’s America’s Trivia Host. Corona creates interactivity for viewers who want to engage with your content. Keep viewers hooked and focused while providing them with fun facts along the way. 
A segment with Kid would be an ideal break from heavy topics or difficult conversations. If you haven’t watched the video yet, right now would be a good time to do so.
The bottom line, interviews are always going to be necessary. But why not spice it up with Kid Corona’s trivia games? Take a stab at Forever Young, Matching Challenge, or even a Spelling challenge. You will have a blast, and so will your audience. 
Keep your audience engaged and set yourself apart from other shows. Include Jack Trivia and Kid Corona for your next TV segment. Book Kid Corona, and let’s make interviews fun again!

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