5 Valentines Day Secrets You May Not Have Known.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or wish it would go away, there’s no denying that it is a special day. But how much do you know about the origins of this holiday? Here are five Valentine’s Day Secrets that may surprise you.

Valentines Day Secrets

1. Valentine’s Day has its roots in Ancient Rome.

The holiday was first celebrated in February. It was as part of a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia. During this time, Roman men would sacrifice goats and dogs to honor the god Lupercus. Young women would line up to receive spankings from them with strips of goat hide! They thought it would bring good luck and increase fertility.

2. Valentine's Day Secrets or Theories

One popular theory behind the name “Valentine” is that it comes from Saint Valentine. He was a Catholic priest who served during the third century AD in Rome. Secretly, he married couples against the orders of Emperor Claudius II. It’s believed that he got executed for his defiance on February 14th. This could be the reason why most associate the 14th with love and romance.

3. Valentine's World Wide

It is now celebrated around the world. Valentine’s Day was not acknowledged as an official holiday until 1537. King Henry VIII declared it so as part of an effort to gain favor with his beloved Queen Anne Boleyn.

4. Gifts

Valentine’s Day usually gets celebrated with cards, chocolates, and jewelry. One of the earliest traditions was giving out paper valentines. People decorated with lace and ribbons. – often containing sentimental messages or poems written by hand! This tradition began in England during the 18th century and spread across Europe. .

5. Roses Were Not A Symbol Of Love

Did you know that red roses are still seen as a symbol of love today? They weren’t always associated with romance. Before becoming popularized by Victorian poets, they were symbols of friendship!

So there you have it – five Valentine’s day secrets that you may not have known before! Planning to spend your day celebrating with friends and loved ones? Make sure to keep these fun tidbits in mind for any trivia nights coming up soon! Happy Valentines Day to you!
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