One Valuable Lesson I Learned After Throwing My Wife's Birthday Party This Past New Years.

The power of assumption can be powerful – yet, dangerous! Take caution before you go down this path. That’s why today I will talk about one valuable lesson that’s sure to make life a little simpler for you.


It Started With The Guest List

It all began with the arduous task of creating the guest list. Our family & friends are generally quite party-minded. So, we knew it was likely New Year’s Eve plans were already in place. Whether that meant a getaway trip or an annual celebration, we thought (or, assumed) it was going to be a small crowd.
As we started building my wife’s birthday wish list, we had to get picky. She was already feeling a little bummed that her big 4-0 was happening on New Year’s weekend. But we weren’t going to let that dampen the celebrations! Armed with that knowledge, we knew (or, assumed) we had to plan for a small gathering.

The Big Assumption Gets Close To The Valuable Lesson

Well, we had to make a few assumptions as we started inviting people to the party. We thought it was best to be selective and only invite those who we thought would be able to make it. We tried to keep my wife’s expectations low, knowing that most people wouldn’t be able to come. But despite that, we still hoped to have a pretty good turnout – 15-20 people. We hoped for immediate family and a few close friends. Fingers crossed!

The One Valuable Lesson

For a while, we were stuck in this mindset. But then, it hit us – making assumptions wasn’t the way to go! We realized it was better to let people make their own decisions. We should not try to predict what they would or wouldn’t do. We like to call it: the curse of assuming.

New Year's celebration

When it came time to get the RSVPs, it was shocking to see that almost 60 people were planning to come to our party. I had no idea we were that popular! But seriously, we were so grateful for all the friends and family who made us a priority. It was like that movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” – the warm, fuzzy feeling is still with us. Hey, lesson learned, right?

I learned a Valuable Lesson yet, again: never assume, always ask! Our party turnout was a great reminder that assuming can lead to all sorts of trouble. And it’s not only with parties – this rule applies to all aspects of life. Even if you’re usually right, there’s always the chance that you might be wrong. So, let people make their own decisions and don’t try to predict what they’ll say or do. Trust me, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.
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New Year's Celebration


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