Make Your Office Fun With Kid Corona's Lunchtime Trivia Games

Want to make your office a bit more fun? Spice up lunch hour with Kid Corona’s Lunchtime Trivia Games! These interactive and entertaining games are perfect for any workplace. It’s a great way to break up the day while bringing everyone together. Let’s take a closer look

Free Lunch!

Who doesn’t love free lunch? But lunch and a game of trivia? Fantastic! Kid Corona’s Trivia Games are fun, interactive and exciting! From sports and music to facematches and spelling bees. Your office staff will have a blast! Can you think of any other way to break the monotony on a Monday afternoon?

Benefits of Playing Kid Corona's Lunchtime Trivia Games

Wondering why you should include Kid Corona’s Trivia Games in your office? The answer is simple: Employee satisfaction. Playing games together helps foster teamwork and communication among employees. As a result, employees can become better acquainted with one another. This can lead to increased collaboration when they return to work.

Features of the Game

Kid Corona’s Trivia Games include built-in leaderboards. Gone are the days of pen and paper calculations. Precise scoring encourages friendly competition. Your employees will strive to climb the ranks and become top trivia champions!
Don’t want to be on a team? No problem. Our Jack Trivia app allows you to go at it solo.
Incorporate Kid Corona’s Trivia Games into your office culture. You have the power to add a little extra fun and excitement into everyone’s daily routine! With features like leaderboards and individual play modes, there’s something for everyone. One hour of trivia fun can result in a positive and productive rest of the day. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!
Contact Kid Corona for all the details. And, when your day is over, why not find a location near you and join Kid Corona for a night full of fun and excitement.
Kid Corona's Lunchtime Trivia Games