5 de mayo trivia facts that will probably not blow your mind. But, hey...

So you’re telling me that most people in America don’t know a whole lot about Mexican heritage? I guess we should all take this as an inspiration and get more involved with our cultures, hmm? Well, today my friends you are going to learn some interesting 5 De Mayo Trivia facts!

6 insane 5 De Mayo Trivia Facts you did not know

Sinko De Mayo

6. What 2 former Presidents used the big Cinco to connect with Latinos? President George W Bush and President Obama. Orale! Si Se Puede!

5. How many Avocados are devoured by Americans on Cinco de Mayo? Over 81 million pounds! Holy Guacamoly! 

4. What do most Americans get wrong about 5 De Mayo? They think it’s Mexico’s Independence Day. Hey, write this down; Mexico’s Independence is the 16th of September.

3. Why is Cinco De Mayo popular in America? In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the “Good Neighbor Policy” to improve relations with Latin American Countries. As a result, Mexican-Americans embraced it and it grew in popularity.

2. What Cinco de Mayo drink takes in the most cash? If you thought Corona, you are wrong! Let’s give it up to the good old tasty Margarita selling at over $2 BILLION!


C’mon, you know that one thing everyone does on Cinco de Mayo? Play Jack Trivia! Follow me in th gram for soe great trivia nights. Until then…enjoy your salsa-less fiesta. But, don’t worry. Here’s a spicy trivia game to make up for it.

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