Get ready to join the fun with Mark Corona! This gameshow host and Bilingual character actor is taking TikTok by storm with over 2 million views. And as the head of the Porder Batrol in Slowjamastan (worlds newest country), he’s guaranteed to bring the entertainment. Dive in and find out what this mess is all about!

Character Actor

By day, Mark Corona bravely fights against border crime while taking on the role of Chief Porder Batrol Agent in Slowjamastan, worlds newest country. 

Game Show Host

By night, Mark Corona becomes Kid Corona as he slices like a ninja across every TV inside America’s top bars. Players are staring at every TV waiting for Kid Corona’s next challenge with Trivia and Bingo.

Dirk Cunningham


Dirk Cunningham is the “fashionable”, breaking news anchor for Slowjamastan. He’s played by Mark Corona.

Dirk In Action

Watch as Corona plays both the Dirk Cunningham and Chief Border Agent character simultaneously.  

Porder Batrol

Mission Statement: Hoe’s In, Crocs Out! And, that is exactly what Porder Batrol Agent, Corona does. 

Agent Mark Corona In Action

Watch as Agent Corona arrests croc violator and sticks to the Porder Batrol Mission Statement. 

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