The Sultan is giving away his fortune. From mugs to gift cards, to pencils and paper clips.

I have been given exclusive access to the the Sultan’s vault. The problem is; he doesn’t remember what’s in there. That means, it could be anything! A paper clip, dust bunnies, coffee mugs, or, maybe even a copy of Weekend at Bernie’s.  Either way, make sure you watch every episode of “Win The Sultan’s Stash“, as I open the vault and reveal the prize. You never know what I will find in the vault; cash, coins, dirty socks, who knows!

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RULE #1 – You can only answer at Youtube answers will not be considered. Why? Difficulty in contacting/verifying winners.
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Good luck. my friend. 


Eileen - Guess The Corks

Win The Sultan's Stash Winner: Eileen

Brian P. - Facematch



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