Want to win the Sultan's cash? Play Ultimate Trivia!


Ultimate Trivia Rules:

  1. Zoom is the only form of communication to play the game.
  2. Provide an active email or phone number. 
  3. Contestants selected through our randomizer generator.
  4. We may contact you again to play on a future game.
  5. Must be available on Wednesdays. Time is negotiable. 
  6. You must NEVER attempt to catch the SlowJamastan State animal (Raccoon).
  7. Provide a selfie before we award you the cash.
  8. Agree to NEVER place your pies (feet) on the dashboard.
  9. If you’re a dude, never wear your polo shirt collar like you’re a cheap Elvis impersonator. 
  10. Familiarize yourself with SlowJamastan.org. Every game has a related question.

AND THE FINAL RULE: Post on your social and tag us before receiving your prize. Tag or Hashtag @AmericasTriviaHost, @SlowJamastan and @JackTriviaLive.

If you agree to these rules, well hell, welcome! Register below, my friend. I look forward to giving you the Sultans cash on Ultimate Trivia. 

SlowJamastan.org is the official gaming partner of Kid Corona and Jack Trivia.com. Ultimate Trivia is a division of Mark Corona Entertainment, LLC.