Trivia & a Wedding DJ? Genius!

The most unforgettable part of your wedding will be a Trivia performance by Kid Corona, the world’s greatest entertainer. < At least, that’s what his mom says.
He’ll make it electric and fill up all those dull moments with screaming & shouting. From Napoleon Dynamite to Geraldo, his trivia questions will keep you engaged. Yes, pun intended. And don’t worry about what songs will play. We’ve got everything you need so there’s no last minute scrambling for your favorites. Is Trivia & a Wedding DJ making sense now?

Wedding Reception

Your reception is the most chill part of any wedding. Most are typical; dinner, chit chat and drinks. The real party doesn’t start until the DJ starts pump’n the jams. But until then, most guests are dying for the reception to be over.
That’s where Kid Corona comes in! Your wedding will never have a dull moment. Your reception will be talked about for years to come. Kid Corona will have your guests begging for more.
Then, after all the energy has been released, everyone will be ready to hit the dance floor. Say hello to the wedding DJ! Your guests be talking about YOUR WEDDING FOR YEARS. And it will be the best weekend of your life.
So the question is: Do you want a typical wedding reception, or the Kid Corona experience? The choice is yours
Hire Kid Corona today.

Come watch Kid Corona host trivia 7 nights a week across Arizona. Find a location near you. 

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