Hey, let’s talk about your wedding. Ever consider a Wedding DJ and a Trivia Host? If not, consider it now. It will make your wedding an absolute blast!
Let me introduce myself; I’m Kid Corona aka Mark Corona. I’ve been a radio DJ, TV Host, And Live Events Host for over 25 years. I’m known as the guy with limitless energy. This means I will electrify your wedding and entertain the heck out of your guests. While most wedding receptions are typical, yours will be memorable. Let’s get into that below.


Your reception is the most chill part of any wedding. Most are typical; dinner, chit chat, drinks, etc. That’s where I come in as a your Trivia Host. It’s the perfect time to get your guests excited, entertained, and engaged, no pun intended. But seriously, they will be talking about your wedding for years to come, trust me! It gets better, winners get to walk away with a cool prize. How exciting is that?
Then, once I’m done with trivia, the DJ can throw his hands up in the air and pump up the jams. The best part is, your guests will already be primed and ready to party!
So, I ask you, would you rather have a DJ, or, would you rather have the whole enchilada? The choice is yours. Let’s talk, I’ll tell you how it all works.

Wedding DJ

Don’t have a wedding DJ, yet? No problem. My team and I will make sure to handle the whole thing for you so that you can get ready for one hell of a wedding night. Sound good?
Also, if you live in AZ, you can come watch me in action 7 days a week as a Trivia Host across various bars and restaurants. Check out any of these locations.
Are you ready to have a damn good time? Contact me for for booking info and let’s make this happen.
In the meantime, for more excitement, check out my Trivia interview on AZ TV, below. And if that’s not exciting enough, watch my commercial for See you soon.

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