step inside the fascinating world of Trivia Expert, Kid Corona

Get ready to be amazed! Kid Corona is the flame-throwing trivia expert who’s taken over corporate events and America’s best sports bars. He turned an old toolshed into his very own TV studio. So, next time you play a game of Jack Trivia, you’ll know exactly how this mind-blowing production was made. Play the video and watch the trivia host in action. 

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In the Mexican culture, what does M.S.T. mean?
What is Cookie Monsters Real Name?

I love our trivia expert fans 100%. You make my job worth it

It’s no secret that I absolutely love trivia. What I love even more are the people who come to our trivia nights. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank those amazing individuals who make my job so incredibly rewarding. Without our dedicated trivia fans, what would be the point?

The Player Is The True Trivia Expert

First, let me recognize the players who make my job worthwhile: YOU. Despite the fact that competition is fierce, you show up every week with a smile. Whether you’re playing solo or as part of a team, you bring the energy that makes me look forward to our trivia nights.

The Loyal Supporters

Then there are those dedicated fans who have been coming back week after week for months—or even years! They don’t just show up; they show up consistently and they bring their friends along with them too. They know all the rules, and have become an integral part of our trivia community. These stalwart supporters are invaluable. Without them, our games wouldn’t be nearly as fun!

The Newcomers Who Take a Chance on Trivia

Let’s not forget about all those newcomers taking a chance on this wild world of trivia! They may not know everything yet, but they come in ready to learn and eager to compete. And when they get their first question right or win their first game? It’s like watching magic happen! It serves as proof that all you need to excel at trivia is enthusiasm and determination!

Trivia Expert

I am endlessly grateful for everyone who makes an effort to join us each week. Without these amazing fans showing up ready to play each week, my job would be much less enjoyable (not to mention much less exciting!). So from the bottom of my heart—thank you for making this such an awesome experience! Here’s cheers to 100% appreciation for our incredible trivia fans!