Naughty Boy Dave

If you don’t laugh your ass off with this episode, I don’t know what to tell you. As soon as I heard this demo from Naughty Boy Dave, I literally cried! If you love dirty comedy, this will make you pee your pants. My friend, enjoy! Love my podcast? Well, subscribe! Seriously. No Spam, No […]

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Tattoo Your Toddler

WARNING! If you’re sensitive to kids, this episode of Tattoo Your Toddler, may not be for you. One of the best on air pranks I was ever a part of. FYI, it will get loud! Hey, please share and subscribe to my podcast. Enjoy.

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Tinder Dates Gone Wrong, With A Twist

Whether you’re single or not, I know you will truly enjoy and appreciate this episode. I was shocked by one of my guests. Enjoy Tinder Dates Gone Wrong, With A Twist. Love this episode? Please subscribe below. No Spam! No Crap!

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Doctor Dick With Rich – Don’t Call Me Dick! – Donovan

The Doctor is in! All of life’s best advice from Dr. Dick with Rich “Don’t Call Me Dick!” Donovan. When you’re having an issue you just can’t figure out, Dr. Dick is the man to turn to. Subscribe to my podcast below. No Spam, No Crap!

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Fight Call Spammers with Randall Rehak

It’s time to fight back! I think we can all agree that spam callers, robo calls, and telemarketers are the worst! Check out this episode as I interview Randall Rehak about your rights, and how you can fight back. It’s time to come together and fight these idiots. Join me on this episode of The […]

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World’s Dumbest Blonde – TMC Podcast

Are you ready for another episode? Get ready for the world’s dumbest blonde. Her man asked her a simple question; If you’re traveling 80 miles per hour, how long does it take you to drive 80 miles? Can you guess? Please, I hope you’re smarter than her.

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5 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts


August 4, 2017


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Entertainment Although I could give you dozens of reasons, I thought it would be better focused if instead I gave you 5 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts. It is said that there are over 350,000 podcasts published today. Whoa! That’s a lot of freaking podcasts! But here’s the good news; you don’t need to navigate […]

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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Whiskey

If you love whiskey the way I do, you will enjoy this episode as I highlight the 5 health benefits to drinking whiskey. It’s every whiskey lovers dream come true. Anytime I can find a benefit in alcohol, I consider it a win. Enjoy this episode. Hey, have you heard my podcast? Listen to The […]

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Cheater Gets Caught By Hooker

This week, Mojo from Q95 and Mojo in The Morning, help a wife catch a cheating husband. You never expect the hooker to give you up, but on this episode, the cheater gets caught by hooker. Share the episode with your friends. If you truly love my podcast, please subscribe and become an official fan. […]

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Wrong Number Hookup! | Hooking up With Strangers

Welcome to Wrong Number Hookup! Episode 1 of The Mark Corona Podcast. On this episode, check out listeners trying to hook up with strangers over the phone in exchange for a prize. I will take you back to 2001 at Power 100.5 in Palm Springs, CA. Please share this episode with your friend. Do you […]

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