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The 90% Retention Secret: From Founding A Country To Retaining Customers​

By leveraging the power of video, gaming and interaction, I help organizations communicate with their customers, ensuring maximum customer retention and sustained growth.

Mark Corona employs three transformative components that revolutionize customer engagement and loyalty. By integrating these strategies, businesses can not only attract new customers but also foster long-term relationships with them.

Mark’s innovative approach provides a roadmap for businesses to enhance customer loyalty and drive sustained growth.

Slowjamastan, founded on the principles championed by Mark, has grown into a vibrant community with over 18,000 registered citizens worldwide. Our success and the unwavering loyalty of our customers are rooted in three core strategies: 

Video Engagement



These pillars not only reflect our dedication to creating a unique and enriching experience for our citizens but also ensure that we continue to thrive and expand our reach globally.

Mark Corona will unveil a mind-boggling secret that will leave you astounded. This revelation will equip you with the essential knowledge to create unparalleled customer loyalty. 

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