How to Make Your Corporate Event a Trivia Night Success

Are you planning a corporate event your guests will love? Look no further than trivia! A trivia night is the perfect way to liven up any corporate event. But if you’ve never planned a trivia night before, where do you start? Here are some tips on how to plan a successful trivia night for your next corporate gathering.

Choose The Right Company

If you want your trivia night to be an outstanding success, look for a company with proven experience. Be sure they offer guarantees that will boost the confidence of all attending! Knowing your audience is key. Nothing ruins the fun faster than age-inappropriate questions or out-of-date references. Put in some extra time selecting the right provider. Trust us, it’ll pay off big time when everyone’s laughing their way through those tricky teasers!

Choosing The Right Host For Your Corporate Event Is A Must!

Stop gambling with your trivia night – don’t take the risk of putting an inexperienced host in charge. Would you go to a new hairdresser without a recommendation or stellar reviews? Would you try that questionable street vendor taco? Well, Corona might, but, you get the point. Make sure your quizmaster is up-to-snuff and worthy of success! When it comes to quizzes, there’s no better person than Kid Corona: he shook things up in radio over the last 20 years… let him do the same for YOUR next event!

With over 2 decades in radio & TV hosting experience, he will guarantee a knockout success.

Update Your Technology

For a trivia night that will have your guests screaming, up-to-date technology is key! Unless you’re hoping to take them back in time 10 years or so, make sure the wifi connection has plenty of bandwidth. Being part of the only TV-style quiz show around demands it. With great tech comes unforgettable memories; don’t cut corners!

Planning corporate entertainment can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! These easy steps will help you nail your next corporate event!
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