About Mark Corona

AKA Kid Corona

For more than two decades, Corona’s radio & TV career has been a star-studded affair; from interviewing renowned superstars like Beyonce and Enrique Iglesias to appearing as himself on the hit song “AZ Side” by Nasty Boy Klick

In 2017, Corona made a splash as an on-screen gameshow host! He brought his personality and infectious energy to bars and restaurants across America. You can find Corona hosting trivia and bingo on TV seven nights a week in AZ.
And that’s not all – Corona also knows how to bring the gameshow party to your next event with his top-notch hosting skills. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this gameshow started!
Who Is Kid Corona

Hold onto your calzones! In 2022, Corona stepped up to not one, but TWO crazy roles in the fresh Country of Slowjamastan. He plays the Chief Border Agent, Mark Corona and the wacky news anchor, Dirk Cunningham. The Chief’s got a whole unique accent going on, while Dirk’s got a fun, cartoony vibe. It’s a laugh riot you won’t wanna miss!

Keep on reading to find more about his multiple personalities. 

About Chief Border Agent

By day, Mark Corona bravely fights against border crime while taking on the role of Chief Porder Batrol Agent in Slowjamastan.

With his trustee tequila shooter close to his vest, he protects the borders from invaders and violators. From croc wearing fools to those who put their nasty feet on the dashboard, he keeps them out.

With over 2 million views on TikTok, find out why people love The Porder Batrol

About Dirk Cunningham

Play Video about Dirk Cunningham SlowJamastan
From drilling drills to hammering hammers, he’s your go-to guy in Slowjamastan! With a knack for delivering the good news, people rely on his weather & security expertise.
It’s no wonder why he has become an icon of reliability. His sign off slogan is well known all across The Republic – ‘God bless The Republic of Slowjamastan’.
See what everyone’s been raving about. Check out the video and see why Dirk Cunningham deserves the title as number one breaking news anchor!

About Kid Corona

By night, he becomes trivia action star, Kid Corona. Suddenly, at a designated time, bartenders are seen rushing to their stations. Servers are trampling over each-other trying to take care of every table. Palms are sweaty. People are thirsty with excitement. The crowd starts to shout. And then, like magic, Kid Corona slices like a ninja across every TV inside America’s top bars. My friend, Trivia has begun!

The flame-throwing Kid Corona is pumping on all cylinders. Players are staring at every TV waiting for Kid Corona’s first challenging question. What will it be? Science? Pop Culture? Music? No one knows. Only one thing is for sure, the big question is coming. The fight for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is now in affect. And, if you’re not ready to fight, you may not get out alive.

Who will win? Only one way to find out; you must show up. Rest assured that when you come to a Trivia game, the smartest bar owners are equipped to handle the fun. So, grab your friends and join the good fight for #1.

Fun Facts About Kid Corona:
  • When April Fool’s Day rolled around in 2008, beloved radio host Kid Corona took it to the extreme. His live stunt – tattooing a toddler on his Los Angeles morning show! The prank caused quite an uproar. But thankfully for him and all involved (especially baby!), there was no jail time. Have a listen if you don’t believe us! Audio here.
  • Kid Corona made a splash on Nasty Boy Klick’s smash hit “AZ Side.” He showed the world he was more than just your average radio host. Audio here
  • In 2003, Corona made a historic splash on the small screen as co-host of The Saturday Night Street Party. – They were the only U.S show allowed in Mexico and bold enough to film an eye-opening live cock fight!
  • He arrived in the US with an empty vocabulary, but he quickly filled it up to become a master of his second language. Truth be told, watching episodes of Three’s Company is what really did the trick.
  • Starting 2021 with a bang, he and his bestie set up their own nation – Slowjamastan! The man of the hour has not only taken on duties as Chief Border Agent, but also adopted an alter ego: Dirk Cunningham (the breaking news anchor). How’s that for ambitious?
  • Kid Corona is a HUGE (1989) Batman fan. Turned his Studio B into a Bat Cave. And, you can see him at 14 years old with the Batmobile. Corona vows that one day soon, he will own and drive the 1989 Batmobile. Keep your eyes peeled.