10-second version of Kid Corona’s bio:

Kid Corona is a trivia-fueled mastermind – and you don’t have to take our word for it. He went from Bilingual Radio Personality to Trivia Host extraordinaire. Now, he helps bar & restaurant owners blast the competition and supercharge their profits!

Short Version:

As the face of Jack Trivia, Kid Corona has truly taken over Arizona’s nightlife scene. With an astounding 40k app downloads and 100+ clients, this trivia pro has helped bar owners bring in serious profits. A whopping 90% retention rate is no joke! Each night, Corona entertains thousands with his signature brand of trivia madness. Ready to get your trivia game on?

Who Is Kid Corona

Long Version - Kid Corona:

For more than two decades, Kid Corona’s career has been a star-studded affair; from interviewing renowned superstars like Beyonce and Enrique Iglesias to spearheading successful promotions for the bar & nightclub industry. His mark on the Phoenix and Los Angeles nightlife is undeniable!

From swanky corporate soirees to weddings that go off without a hitch, Kid Corona has charmed thousands of guests across the country. From Nike and Mattel to Nestle and The Kodak Theater – you name it: They’re all fans!

In 2017, Corona and Jack Trivia sparked a partnership that would change the game show industry forever. During the pandemic, they responded swiftly by launching their very own app – enter: Jack Trivia App! Within minutes of release it took off like wildfire!
Gone are the days of finding a mediocre MC! Thanks to Jack Trivia, clients now have access to Kid Corona – an engaged and reliable host. Kid Corona helps make this TV- style trivia show come alive. The mission? To deliver 100% entertainment satisfaction, one client at a time.

Fun Facts About Kid Corona:

  • When April Fool’s Day rolled around in 2008, beloved radio host Kid Corona took it to the extreme. His live stunt – tattooing a toddler on his Los Angeles morning show! The prank caused quite an uproar. But thankfully for him and all involved (especially baby!), there was no jail time. Have a listen if you don’t believe us! Audio here.
  • Kid Corona made a splash on Nasty Boy Klick’s smash hit “AZ Side.” He showed the world he was more than just your average radio host. Audio here
  • In 2003, Corona made a historic splash on the small screen as co-host of The Saturday Night Street Party. – They were the only U.S show allowed in Mexico and bold enough to film an eye-opening live cock fight!
  • He arrived in the US with an empty vocabulary, but he quickly filled it up to become a master of his second language. Truth be told, watching episodes of Three’s Company is what really did the trick.
  • Starting 2021 with a bang, he and his bestie set up their own nation – Slowjamastan! The man of the hour has not only taken on duties as Chief Border Agent, but also adopted an alter ego: Dirk Cunningham (the breaking news anchor). How’s that for ambitious?
  • Kid Corona is a HUGE (1989) Batman fan. Turned his Studio B into a Bat Cave. And, you can see him at 14 years old with the Batmobile.