10-second version of Kid Corona’s bio:

Trivia Expert Kid Corona is a former Bilingual Radio Personality turned Trivia Host. He works with bar & restaurant owners who want to annihilate the competition & boost their profits.

Short Version:

Kid Corona is the face of the world’s only TV-style game show for bars & restaurants; Jack Trivia. With almost 40 thousand app downloads, 100+ clients, and a 90% retention rate, he’s helped boost profits for many bar and restaurant owners. Each night, Corona can be seen entertaining thousands of trivia players across Arizona.


Long Version:

For over 20 years, Kid Corona has worked as a host in radio, television and nightclubs. Major markets include Phoenix and Los Angeles. He’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities like Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias, Mark WahlbergPitbull. He’s also spearheaded many successful promotions for the bar & nightclub industry.

Corona has helped hundreds of bar and restaurant owners annihilate competitors through clever promotions & entertainment. For example: “Whose Baby Is It?” A bar staple and wedding favorite. Curious? Ask about it.

Kid Corona has also entertained for thousands of weddings, concerts and corporate clients. Past clients include: Nike, Mattel, Nestle, Phoenix Suns, Kodak Theater and many more.

In 2017, Corona partnered with Jack Trivia. Together, they developed it into the popular game show it is today. During the pandemic, they responded to social distancing requirements by creating the Jack Trivia App. It was an instant hit.
Jack Trivia is the only company of its kind delivering a game show style production. By having one host (Kid Corona), gone are the days of inexperienced hosts. A big problem solved for their 100+ bar clients.

Fun Facts About Kid Corona:

  • In 2008, he almost got arrested for an April Fool’s joke. He made national news for tattooing a toddler live on his Los Angeles morning show. Of course, it was only a joke. But, hey, judge for yourself. Audio here.
  • Kid Corona appeared as himself on the hit song “AZ Side” by Nasty Boy Klick. Audio here
  • in 2003, Corona was the co-host of the popular tv show: The Saturday Night Street Party. They were the only American show allowed into Mexico to film a live cock fight. 
  • English is his second language. He did not know a word of English when he came to the US from Guaymas, Sonora.
  • In 2021, together with his best friend, he launched his own Country (Slowjamastan) and serves as Chief Border Agent. He also plays the breaking news anchor character: Dirk Cunningham.
  • Kid Corona is a HUGE (1989) Batman fan. Turned his Studio B into a Bat Cave. And, you can see him at 14 years old with the Batmobile.