Trivia challenge live on AZ TV

Kid Corona challenged the hosts of AZ TV to a face match trivia game. The question is, did they win? Watch and find out how the hosts scored.

Nationally Broadcast TV Commercial

Kid Corona appeared as himself for the 72 Sold real estate commercial. 

Baby Gets a Tattoo Live On Air

in 2008, Kid Corona and his Los Angeles morning show ended up making National news over a well crafted April Fool’s joke. They were “giving away” a trip to London, England to anyone willing to bring in their toddler and get a tattoo live on air. Instantly the media, child protective services and the LAPD were alerted

Play the audio and judge for yourself. You may not be convinced it was all fake. 



Kid Corona serves as Chief Border Agent for the world’s newest Country: Slowjamastan. He also plays the character news anchor: Dirk Cunningham.

Slowjamastan (ruled by Sultan Randy Williams) declared independence on Dec 21st, 2021. As a result, the Country and all of its characters were featured on ABC 10 & Yahoo News.

Find out more about Slowjamastan by visiting the website. Citizenship is available to those who understand the Country’s strict rules.

In the meantime, watch the two videos and see Corona in action as Dirk Cunnningham Border Agent.