What Is All That Awesome Media Buzz About? Read On!

From baby tattoos that raised eyebrows, to founding new Nations – the media buzz keeps on buzz’n.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

KTLA News - Hollywood, CA

Trivia Showdown live on AZ TV

Challenge accepted! Kid Corona put AZ TV’s hosts to the test with a face-matching quiz. Will they be able to prove their knowledge of celebs? Watch now and see who comes out on top!

Real Estate Sensation? Whoa!

Kid Corona made a special cameo in the real estate commercial, “72 Sold,” proving he’s more than just a flame-throwing trivia pro!

Did He Really Tattoo A Toddler On Air?

In 2008, Kid Corona and his team of morning show pranksters made headlines across America with their daring April Fools’ Day stunt. They promised a free trip to London for any parents brave enough to tattoo their toddler live on air. No one was expecting Child Protective Services or the LAPD would be alerted too! So listen in and let your own judgement decide: were they just playing around…or could it have been real?

New Country, Who Dis?

Kid Corona is the Chief Border Agent of Slowjamastan, a funky newly-independent Nation that has been making headlines recently. Under Sultan Randy Williams‘ rule, anyone wishing to become citizens must understand and abide by their strict laws. In addition to his role as border agent, Kid also stars in two videos — one where he plays news anchor Dirk Cunningham and another showcasing him as chief law enforcer! With these exclusive clips now circulating on ABC 10 & Yahoo News faster than you can say “Slow jamaaaas!”, don’t wait around anymore. Check out the SlowJamstan website for more info about joining this cool club of peeps!

Will The Media Buzz Keep On Buzz'n?

Hop on board and come explore all that America’s Trivia Host has to offer! Prepare yourself – there are plenty of surprises waiting around every corner. So buckle up, spread the word, and let’s get this show started!