Do You Love A Darn Good Taco? How About Taco Trivia?

Are you ready for a taco-licious journey through tasty trivia? The stakes are high – it’s one of the greatest games humanity has ever devised, according to an expert opinion (mine!). So bon appetit and let me know how well YOU scored on this game of taco trivia. Comment below!

Which of these ingredients does not belong in a carne asada street taco?
How Many Tacos Did Americans Eat Last Year?
What does the Acronym “MST” stand for?
What is the most common alcoholic beverage paired with street tacos?
Which is the most common Seafood Taco?
What City and State is said to have given birth to the fish taco?
A “Taqueria” is a Spanish word for what?
When is National Taco day?
According to Mexican tradition, when should tacos be eaten?
The first taco truck ever, came out in what year?
Taco Education

A taco-riffic exploration of taco trivia facts

Tacos are believed to have originated in Mexico sometime during the 19th century. The traditional Mexican dish has been around for centuries. Some reports suggest that it dates back as far as the pre-Hispanic era. It wasn’t until the 1950s that tacos began to gain widespread popularity.

Taco Types

Tacos come in many shapes and sizes. From hard shell tacos to soft shell tacos, no shortage of delicious options. And don’t forget about vegetarian tacos – they can be just as tasty as their meaty counterparts!

Familiar With This Taco Trivia Fact?

October 4th is International Taco Day. It’s an annual celebration dedicated to everyone’s favorite Mexican dish! Taco lovers around the world come together in appreciation of all things taco-related. So gather your friends and family and enjoy some delicious tacos on October 4th – it’s a holiday after all!

Taco Bell Success

In 1962, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell restaurant in California. It was an instant success with people queuing up for miles to get their hands on some rubber tacos. By 1978, there were over 700 Taco Bell restaurants across the US. By 1992 they had reached 1,000 locations nationwide! Today, there are almost 6500 restaurants around the world and counting. It baffles me how confused Americans are about tacos. Taco Bell tacos are an embarrassment to real tacos.

The First Taco Truck

The first taco truck hit the streets of Los Angeles way back in 1974. The owner, Raul Martinez Sr., drove around town offering delicious tacos to hungry customers. He soon became popular with locals who couldn’t get enough of his tasty treats. By 1980, there were over 300 mobile taquerias in LA!


Did my taco trivia provide some exciting insights into the wonderful world of tacos? I hope so. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a taco newbie, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for real tacos, please, stay away from the Bell. News flash: They are not real tacos.

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